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Whispers - Prepare your agents on where the call is coming from

Whispers are brief custom audio messages that your agents hear upon answering the phone. They equip your agents with crucial information about the incoming call before interacting with the caller. This info can cover details like the caller’s identity, the call source (like a marketing campaign or a specific phone line), the purpose of the inquiry, or any other pertinent context. Call whispers act as a swift briefing or reminder, empowering agents to customize their responses and handle the call more efficiently.

For example, f you're using a tracking number exclusively for a radio advertisement, when callers use this specific tracking number to reach you, your agents will hear "Call comes from Christmas Radio Campaign." Briefing your agents on the origin of the call can assist them in providing more tailored assistance.

Set up Whispers

Step 1. Go to Tracking > Call Flows. If you want to start a new Call Flow click the "+" symbol, otherwise just click on the call flow you want to add the whisper message.

Step 2. Click on the + button above the End call and from the menu on the right select Whisper

Step 3. Configure your Whisper Message. You can choose between playing a whisper you have set up in the Media Library or setup a text to speech whisper.

🎉 That's it. Whenever somebody calls you, a whisper will play so you are better prepared to handle the call.

Updated on: 17/12/2023

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