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Whispers prepare agents on where the call is coming from. Agents hear a custom audio message from calls to each tracking number.

Navigate to "Setup - Add-Ons".
Click on the "Whispers" box.

Activate the Status slider for the Whispers.

On Whisper Confirmation Key select whether the Whisper will play "once" or "on repeat until any digit pressed". To save click on .

For each tracking number, upload the pre-recorded message by clicking on "+" button.

You also have the option to add text which Nimbata will convert to speech.

Once uploaded, click on the audio file to listen to it.

If you want to delete the whisper, select the number and click on the red bin icon.

You can add the same message to all the tracking numbers from the drop-down menu and click on
 to save.

To enable Whispers on your active numbers

Head to "Setup - Call Flows".
Select the tracking numbers for which you want to enable Whispers, and click on the  icon to enable the service on.

Press "Save" right and down on the screen.

The icon representing the service will show up next to your destination.

Updated on: 16/11/2021

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