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Keypad Entry (IVR)

Keypad Entry (IVR)

Use IVR to streamline the call handling process, directing callers to the right department or information efficiently, enhancing their experience. The keypad entry feature allows you to setup rules, by assigning digits pressed by the caller to connect to a specific destination.

⚡️ Connect callers to the right person - IVRs can direct callers to the right department or extension based on their selection, reducing the need for manual call transfers.
⚡️ Block Robocalls - To stop robocalls you can implement a feature called a “Call Screening” system. Essentially you require the caller to press a digit before proceeding. This method can be effective in identifying and blocking automated robocalls while allowing legitimate callers to complete the call.
⚡️ Route calls to different numbers based on key pressed - Using a single number to route calls to multiple destinations? Use the keypad entry to drive leads to the appropriate destination, simply by having them click the relevant digit.

Set Up Keypad Entry

Step 1. Go to Tracking > Call Flows. If you want to start a new Call Flow click the "+" symbol, otherwise just click on the call flow you want to add the Keypad Entry feature.

Step 2. Click on the + button after New call and from the menu on the right select Greeting. Keypad entry requires a greeting so the callers knows where each digit press will connect (e.g. Choose 1 to connect with Support.) See how to set up your Greeting here

Step 3. Click on the + button and from the menu on the right select Keypad Entry

Step 4. Click on the right hand side of the keypad entry window to duplicate it. You can add up to 10 windows (as many as the digits on the phone). Set the digits and then set what needs to happen after the digit is pressed.

🎉 You are all set! Optionally, place a test call to the tracking number you assigned the call flow, to experience it firsthand.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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