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Call Greetings

Call Greetings - Create a great first impression

Greetings help you to set the ground for a friendly upcoming conversation, create a positive image using your brand’s voice and tone, and guide your callers to the right destination. Call Greetings enables you to:

⚡️ Greet your clients in their own language: Customize your phone call greetings based on your caller location.
⚡️ Say “Hello” with your brand’s unique voice: Each brand has its own unique voice. Greetings makes it easier to communicate your brand’s voice before even speaking to your caller in a way that makes them feel welcome and closer to your business.
⚡️ Test your message to see which one is more engaging: You never know what really works, if you don’t experiment with it. Testing your greeting messages helps you improve caller experience including call abandonment rates.
⚡️ Show professionalism: They convey professionalism and competence. A clear and concise greeting with essential information, such as your name and company, reassures callers that they’ve reached the right place.
⚡️ Sharing information: With a Call greeting, you can provide valuable information, such as operating hours, alternative contact methods, or special announcements. This helps callers get the information they need without waiting on hold.

and so much more!

Set up Call Greetings

Step 1. Go to Tracking > Call Flows. If you want to start a new Call Flow click the "+" symbol, otherwise just click on the call flow you want to add the greeting message.

Step 2. Click on the + button below the New call and from the menu on the right select Greeting

Step 3. Configure your Greeting Message. You can choose between playing a greeting you have set up in the Media Library or setup a text to speech message. For the text-to-speech functionality, also configure the language and tone of voice.

💡For an even better experience, combine Call Greetings with Keypad Entry. This allows you to help each caller reach the right department, as shown in the example.

🎉 That's it. Whenever somebody calls you will hear the message you just set up. Always remember to assign the call flow to your tracking number(s)!

Updated on: 23/12/2023

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