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Media Library

Media Library - Upload, Manage, Delete all your audio files in one place

The media library allows you to upload, manage and delete media files which you can use for Greetings, Whispers, Surveys and Voicemail.

Access Media Library

From the menu on the left select "Media Library"

The Media Library consists of 4 tabs.


By selecting each tab you can manage existing media files or upload new ones.

To listen to a media file click on the play button located on the right.
To delete a media file, select the file and click on the red recycle bin.

Before you can delete a file you need to be sure it's not in use in one of your call flows. If the media file is in use, Nimbata has a link to the call flow that uses this media file. Click on the link, and in the call flow remove the media file. Return to this screen and delete the media file.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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