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Voice Mail

Nimbata's Voicemail add-on allows you to have callers leave a Voice Mail if they are unable to connect in their call attempt.

Navigate to "Setup - Add-Ons".
Click on the "Voice Mail" box.

Activate the Status slider for the Voice Mail Add-on.

Configure Voice Mail in the following box.

Call Time Out: Select how many seconds after an unanswered call, Voice Mail will be triggered.
Include Instructions: Choose if the caller will hear instructions before leaving a message.
Saved VM Greetings: Nimbata provides you with a default greeting but you can also upload your own voice greeting by clicking on the "+" button and uploading your file in WAV format (The maximum file size for uploads is 2 MB).

To set for which tracking numbers you will receive Voice Mail:

Head over to "Setup - Call Flows".
Select the tracking numbers and click on the  icon.

Press "Save" right and down on the screen.

Alternatively, you can have the call go directly to Voice Μail by selecting the relevant option from the Routing plan drop-down menu.

Hit the "Save" button right and down on the screen.

Now you are all set!

Updated on: 22/11/2021

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