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How to Set Up Swap Groups

Create a Clear Data Picture with Swap Groups

Swap groups are a great way to get exact data about your incoming calls if you use multiple numbers on your website. For example, on this website we have 3 different phone numbers and we want to track calls for each one separately, instead of lumping them all together.

Getting Your Tracking Number

Step 1. First, you need to acquire a tracking number. You will need at least 1 for each phone number that you show on your website. Go to Tracking > Numbers, choose the option that fits best for you and click Next.

Step 2.Choose how many numbers you need. Remember, it’s at least 1 for each phone number that you show to your website.

Step 3.Choose Country, State, City and pick a number. Click Next.

Step 4.Assign a number to forward your calls to. Click Finish.

Setting Up a Swap Group

Step 1.If you haven’t done it already, go to Tracking > Call Flows and create one call flow for each phone number that appears on your website.

Step 2. When you are done, go back to Tracking > Numbers and assign your numbers to the corresponding call flows.

Step 3. Go to Tracking > Tracking Code. Click the button that says +Add swap group and create as many groups as you need. Then add to each group, one number that appears to your website and assign at least one Nimbata tracking number to each one. When you are done, click save.

Step 4. All you need to do now is copy the tracking code generated above and add it to your website.

And there you have it. Swap number groups ready to go. This is the end result on our own website. As you can see in the images below, the original numbers have been replaced by the call tracking ones.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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