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Tracking Numbers with UTM parameters

There may be times where you want to track calls from campaigns with specific UTM parameters.

In this case, you will need to link the tracking number with the UTMs you wish to track. 

To do so simply select "Custom Parameters" as the source and click "Next".

Give the tracking number a name and input the desired parameters as they appear on the URL that is tied to the campaign you wish to track.

For example:

Continue the setup process and once done, your tracking number will be displayed as follows:

If you wish to change the UTM parameters at any given point in time, select the tracking number, click on the cogwheel located on the upper right of the screen.

From the dropdown menu select the tracking source you wish to modify and click "Next".

A pop up with the current UTMs will appear.

Make your changes and hit the "Save" button.

Your tracking numbers are now ready to participate in the Dynamic Number Insertion script. Simply head over to "Setup - Dynamic Number Insertion" and make sure you see the tracking number you just created.

Hit the "Save" button and your script will now change the number on your website with the one you just set up in the previous step!

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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