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Move a Tracking Number to Another Project

Tracking Numbers can be moved to another brand, only if they are not part of an active call flow. Before attempting to move a tracking number, make sure to check it's current status. If the status appears as "In use" (as below) follow the instructions below.

Remove Tracking Number from Call Flow

Step 1. Go to Tracking > Numbers

Step 2. Locate the tracking number you wish to move and select it. On the far right, simply click on the "x" icon next to your call flow's name to release the call flow from the tracking number.

Move Tracking Number to another brand

Step 1. Select the Tracking Number you want to move. The "Change Project" icon should now be active.

Step 2. Click on the blue icon and select the project you wish to transfer the tracking number to.

Step 3. Click on "Move". The tracking number has been moved to the brand of your choice.

And it's done! If successful, you'll receive a confirmation message about the changes you made.

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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