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Activate numbers which need identity information

Certain countries require additional information to be provided to the local regulator, before you can activate and use a number. Your information is private and will only be provided to the local regulator as required by local legislation to prevent use of phone numbers for fraud purposes.

If the number you acquire falls under this category you'll see the following message:

Clicking on the "Awaiting Registration" link takes you to the identities page, where you can see numbers that need to be assigned to an identity and be submitted for activation.

Before creating an identity, click on the "View" link to see the information required to be submitted for activation. Each country has different requirements set by local regulation.
If for example you are located in Poland you'll need to provide the following information, depending if you are planning to use the number for personal or business purposes (you can only choose one).
The address requirement applies for both types of usage.

Once you gather the information, click on the Identities tab located on the upper left or click on the "Create New Identity" option from the dropdown menu.

Input the required details, based on the type of usage you've selected (personal vs business).

Personal Use:

Business use:

When ready click on the "Create" button

This will create your identity. You are now ready to add an address and any files for proof.

Click on the blue arrow on the left to expand the pane.

Click on "+ Create" to add your address.

If you also are required to upload a proof, click on the "+ Create" button and choose the type of document you wish to upload as a proof

The same procedure should be followed to upload any documents that are required for proof of Identity.

When all information and documents have been uploaded head back to "Pending Tracking Numbers"

Now you can select the identity you created and assign it to the tracking number you wish to activate.

If any required information is missing the system will inform you what additional information is missing.

In this case, return to the Identities tab and add/edit the relevant resource.
When ready head back and click on the verify tab.

Verification of provided information may take up to 24 hours and you will be informed about successful or unsuccessful activation of your numbers by emai.

In the event of successful activation you can continue setting up your call flows.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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