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Getting started with Call Tracking Numbers

Call Tracking Phone Numbers or simply call tracking numbers, are numbers used by businesses and marketers to track and measure the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns. These numbers are unique to each campaign and are assigned to specific marketing channels such as TV, radio, print ads, and online ads.

These numbers not only forward calls to your business’ regular number or mobile number, with no change in the process whatsoever, but with Nimbata you can even record calls or play whispers to agents prior to answering the call, or create different routes based on your needs (e.g. during the weekend or the hours out of office forward all calls to voicemail, or with advanced call routing you can route a caller to the agent that has spoken before to personalize conversations and enhance the customer experience.

When the call is made, Nimbata captures valuable data such as the caller’s phone number, the time of the call, the duration of the call, how many times the caller called, the location of the caller, the call page etc. This information is stored and analyzed to provide insights into which campaigns are driving the most calls and which channels are delivering the highest ROI.

Call tracking phone numbers also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. By analyzing call recordings, transcriptions, and tags, businesses can identify common customer pain points, improve their sales scripts, and provide better customer experience.

The different types of Call Tracking Numbers

Local Call Tracking Numbers are the most suitable choice in case you want to attract local customers. These are phone numbers with a local area code that businesses can use to track calls from specific regions or cities. For example, a business might use a local phone number with a New York area code to track calls from customers in the New York area. Many people prefer to purchase products or services from their local market. So, selecting a tracking number with a familiar prefix will give your business a head start.

Toll-Free Call Tracking Numbers, on the other hand, are free for your customers. These numbers are phone numbers with a specific prefix, such as 800, 888, or 877, that allow customers to call the business for free. Toll-free numbers are often used for customer service and support, and businesses can use them to track calls and leads from specific marketing campaigns. They are preferred to demonstrate a national or a global perspective for your business, without charging your customers with the hefty price tag of long-distance fees.

💡For local-based campaigns is always better to use local call tracking numbers. Using local numbers can enhance the credibility and relevance of your business within a specific community or region. Consumers are more likely to trust and engage with a business that appears to have a local presence.

Channels you can place your Call Tracking Numbers

Google Ads Call Extension: Assign a unique tracking number to measure the impact of calls generated from Google Ads. Optimize your ads, boost returns, and dominate the competition.

Website Calls: Place a strategic tracking number on your website to capture every call, enhance user experience, and drive more conversions.

Calls Ads on Facebook: Assign distinct tracking numbers to each platform to uncover call volume, tailor content, and engage your audience for profitable results.

Print Media: Boost your direct mail campaigns by utilizing a dedicated tracking number. Measure response rates, fine-tune messaging, and increase your bottom line.

Local directories, Google My Business, Social Profiles: Ensure accurate tracking by assigning a tracking number to each directory listing. Monitor the effectiveness of your online presence and drive more leads.

How to set up Call Tracking Numbers with Nimbata

It is pretty easy to acquire tracking numbers, in fact it will only take you a few minutes, just follow the steps bellow.

Step 1: Choose the Channel or the Source (e.g. Organic search or Social) for which you want to track calls from.

Step 2: Connect your account with Google Analytics 4, to calculate the tracking numbers you will needs based on your traffic.

Step 3: Choose your desired Prefix and a list with available tracking numbers will appear, select those that you like the most.

For the detailed step guide, please check out this article

Take a look on the video bellow:

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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