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Export your Data and Reports

If you need to take a closer look at your Call Performance, you can easily download any chart as PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, and CSV. You can, also, export your whole data set as seen under the Call Activity screen as an Excel File or CSV, this is option is perfect if you want to perform your own analysis in Excel using your own formulas and analysis process.

Download your charts as PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, or CSV

Step 1. Go to "Analytics" and select among Acquisition, Call Behavior, and Visit Behavior reports. For the purposes of this example I chose to go with the "Trends" Report.

Step 2. Select the period you want to analyze and click on "Apply".

Step 3. Download each chart as a PNG image, JPG image, PDF document, SVG vector image, or even as CSV document by clicking on the arrows on the top right corner of each chart.

Export your Call Activity as an Excel or CSV file

Step 1. To export your whole data set you can go to Activity > Calls, and simply click on Actions and then "Export data"

Step 2. Choose the file you want and click on "☑️ Export"

If you prefer to conduct your analysis in GSheets, we highly recommend using the native integration. This integration ensures that your data is updated in real-time without requiring any manual effort. To set it up, follow this guide.

🎉 That's it!

Updated on: 10/03/2024

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