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Google Sheets Integration

Send Call Data to your Google Sheets.

Nimbata allows you to send all your call data to a Google Sheet of your choice in real time.

To integrate with Google Sheets head to "Setup -Integrations" and click on Google Sheets.

Click on the button "Connect Google Sheets"

Select the account you wish to connect. Google will inform you about the access rights you give to Nimbata to create and edit Sheets in your Google Account.

Click on Allow.

If the connection was successful you will see a confirmation message.

Click on Select Folder and choose the folder where you wish Nimbata to create the Google Sheet that will receive data. Then, type a new file name or choose an existing one from the list.

Choose the integration trigger, to indicate after which circumstances you wish to send your call data to your Google Sheets file. You can choose an existing trigger or create a new one.

Once done, click on the "link" button. A confirmation message will appear if your connection was successful. Otherwise, you will receive an error message explaining you what went wrong.

Updated on: 20/01/2023

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