Nimbata integrates with your HubSpot account, by sending an event each time a call is placed under your account. This type of integration allows you to view session information about the call, such as keyword, campaign, source / medium and other session based info. The integration is performed on a brand level, so before continuing, make sure you are performing edits for the desired brand.

Under Integrations select "HubSpot"

Click on the button "Sign in with HubSpot"

Look out for a pop up window which redirects you to HubSpot's login page. Enter your credentials and hit "Login"

Choose your account and presto! Your HubSpot account is now connected with Nimbata!

About configuration now

First, configure which calls should be sent to your HubSpot account and in what form.

Next, select which objects should be created if the caller ID **is not** found in your HubSpot account.

Do the same for cases where the caller ID **is** found in your HubSpot account

In case you wish to follow our recommended configuration, hit the "Use Default Config" button and all the necessary fields and object will be automatically configured for you.

Before Saving your configuration, send a test event to ensure the configuration matches your needs!

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