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Custom Cookie Capture

Valuable Data with Custom Cookie Capture

Custom cookie capture in call tracking offers several benefits for businesses, especially with the decline of third-party cookies:

✨ Attribution: By capturing specific cookie data associated with a call, you can understand which marketing channels or campaigns (represented by the cookie) are driving phone calls. This helps you measure the effectiveness of your online efforts and optimize your marketing strategy for better call conversions.

✨ Customer Journey: Combining call data with cookie information allows you to see the complete customer journey. You can track how a user interacted with your website (e.g., viewed specific pages, downloaded content), placed a call, and potentially converted. This comprehensive understanding helps you refine your website user experience and tailor messaging for better conversions.

✨ Audience Targeting: With the captured cookie data, you can build a clearer picture of who your calling customers are. This allows you to create more targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics, interests, or behavior (represented in the cookie) to attract more qualified leads who are likely to convert through phone calls.

Step 1. Choose the Project you wish to enable custom cookie capture for, from the top right corner.

Step 2. Go to Tracking > Tracking Code and choose Cookie Data

Step 3. Click on the “Collect data from cookies” button. Then, type the name or names of the cookies you want to target and click Save.

If you want to delete a cookie, simply click on the red - button next to it and save again. Or if you want to completely deactivate cookie capture, disable the “Collect data from cookies” button.

You can use the cookies as filters at:


Dashboards & Reports

🔥🔥Make sure you have added the script to your website, otherwise the cookie capture won’t work.🔥🔥

And now you are ready! You can capture data from custom cookies.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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