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Add New Tracking Number

Get Started

Step 1. In order to acquire a new tracking number, go to Tracking > Numbers

If you're getting your first tracking number, you'll be directed to the right screen. Otherwise, tap on the "+" icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2. Choose where you wish to place your tracking numbers.

All online sources: If you choose "All Online Sources," you'll be able to track phone calls from various channels, including Google Ads, Organic, Referral, and more.

Specific Online Channel: Opt for the "Specific Online Channel" option if you want your tracking number dedicated to monitoring just one online channel, such as Google Search Ads or Google My Business.

Somewhere else: By selecting the "Somewhere Else" option, your tracking number will exclusively track calls from a specific offline source, like a newspaper or a billboard.

Step 3. In the next step, you will decide how many tracking numbers are necessary to effectively monitor your phone calls. This is where the concept of the pool comes into play. The Call Tracking Pool is a collection of available tracking numbers ready to be assigned to new sessions when visitors land on your website. If you already know the quantity of tracking numbers you'll need, simply enter the amount in the "Quantity" field. Otherwise, you will need to calculate your pool based on your requirements.

2 ways you can Calculate your Pool

Manually: To manually calculate your pool, start by determining your hourly peak visitors. Access Google Analytics 4 and navigate to: Audience > Overview > Users (hourly). Identify your peak number and input it into the field. Nimbata will promptly reveal the required number of tracking numbers based on your traffic and average session duration. Click on "Use Pool" to proceed.

Through GA4: Connect Nimbata with GA4 effortlessly by clicking "Get from GA" and granting access to Nimbata. Select the desired Account and GA4 Property from which you want Nimbata to retrieve data. Your recommended pool will then appear as shown below:

Step 4. Click on "Use recommended pool of X tracking numbers" and then on "Next".

Step 5. Choose your tracking number prefix by selecting the State and City for the US, or City for EU, UK, and AU. Then, pick the numbers you wish to use from the provided list.

Step 6. Give a friendly name for your numbers that will help you recognize them, for example, "US Illinois Numbers."

Step 7. Enter the Destination Number. The destination number is the phone number that will ring when someone calls using the specific tracking numbers.

🎉 Congratulations! The Tracking Numbers are now yours. Continue with creating your first call flow in order to start receiving calls through your new tracking numbers.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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