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Integration to Google Ads via Google Analytics 4

How to send Call Events to Google Ads via GA4

The quickest way to import your call data in Google Ads is to create a conversion based on the goal you have created in Google Analytics. This way Google populates your Google Ads account in real-time.

Before you integrate your Nimbata account with Google Ads, make sure you have first integrated with the Google Analytics platform (follow the steps here) and secondly, you have created your call goals in Google Analytics (follow the steps here).

Once done, you can proceed with the Google Ads Integration.

Set Up

To do so head over to your Google Ads account and follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to: Goals > Conversions > Summary. Then at the Summary screen click on the blue "New Conversion Action" button.

And then on the new "New conversion action" screen click on import and select GA4 and then web as below.

Step 2. In the next screen, you'll find a list displaying the goals within your Google Analytics account. Simply pick the goal you generated in the previous tutorial and then click on "Done."

Step 3. Now you're all set! If you ever need to tweak your conversion settings, just head back to the Summary screen, find your conversion action, and click on its name. Once you're in the "Settings" tab, you can make any necessary edits. Don't forget to hit "Done" to save your changes.

🎉 That's it!

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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