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Facebook Integration

Head to "Setup - Integrations".
Under Integrations select "Facebook".

Click on the Button labeled "Login with Facebook".

Click on the "Continue" button.

Click on the "OK" button to grant Nimbata access to your Facebook ads.

A confirmation message will inform you that your account has been successfully connected.

From the drop-down menu select the Ad Account and the Facebook Pixel ID.

To share your Facebook Pixel ID with Nimbata, click on the hyperlink or visit "Facebook Business Manager -> Business Settings -> Data Sources -> Pixels -> Partners".

Navigate to "Assign Partners".

Enter the following Business Partner ID  , enable the switch "Manage Pixel" and click on "Next".

In the Facebook Partners' tab, you will see a pending request, sent to Nimbata.

Once the partnership request is accepted, you will receive a Facebook notification.

Now, Nimbata is listed as a partner for this specific Pixel ID.

Next, go back to the app and select from the drop-down menu the Pixel you shared with Nimbata.

Enable the switch "Push Data to Facebook" and select which calls should be included.

That's it! Your Facebook Ads account will be populated once a day with call conversions from Nimbata!

Updated on: 22/11/2021

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