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Zapier Integration

Nimbata integrates with thousands of apps thanks to Zapier. Zapier helps users to integrate with their favorite apps effortless by creating Zaps and automating the entire processes. If you want to find more about how Zapier works click here.

Nimbata's integration with Zapier helps our users send call data to their desired apps. To integrate Nimbata with Zapier:

Log into your nimbata account and navigate to Integrations > Zapier and click on "Zapier".

There are tons of available apps where you can send your call data. Choose the one you would like and start the integration process! You can easily type one on the search bar or choose one of the predefined integrations that our customers usually use.

For this example, we will integrate Nimbata with HubSpot. Type "HubSpot" and click on "Create your own workflow".

If you already have a Zapier account sign into your account, otherwise create a new one (it will take only few minutes).

Then you will redirect to Zapier interface. Choose "Nimbata" from the list.

At the trigger field select the event "New Call" and connect your nimbata account.

In order to connect your Account click you will need the API keys, which you can find here: . Enter your keys and click on "Yes, continue".

After completing these actions test your trigger to ensure that everything is fine.

At the action field, choose one of the available events, for the purpose of this specific example we will continue with HubSpot.

Then choose the event that will happen, after a new call is placed.

If you are trying to make the Nimbata+Google Sheets integration happen, make sure to create a header row to your google sheet including the data you want to collect.

Then connect Zapier with your HubSpot account and setup the action based on your needs.

As soon as you finish the setup, test your new action and click on "Publish Zap".

After you publish your Zap, go back to the zapier integration page and a message will appear if the integration completed successfully.

Last but not least, go back to your nimbata account and choose when Nimbata should fire the Nimbata + Zapier Integration by setting the integration trigger. If you want to know more about integration triggers, check out this help article.

Alternatively head over to "Integrations - Manage" and set the trigger from there

To ensure that the integration works as you wish, do a test call and see the updates on your HubSpot Account!

Updated on: 20/02/2023

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