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Universal Analytics Integration

Nimbata integrates with your Google Analytics account, by sending an event each time a call is placed under your account. This type of integration allows you to view session information about the call, such as keyword, campaign, source / medium and other session based info, just like you do with clicks.

The integration is performed on a brand level, so before continuing, make sure you are performing edits for the desired brand.

Under Integrations select "Google Analytics"

You'll see the list of tracking numbers under your brand.

Grab your Google Analytics Property ID, paste it in the column labeled "GA ID" or select all numbers and click on the edit button, input your ID and hit the confirmation button to populate all numbers.

The following event details will be pushed to Google Analytics:

Event Category: Call (or First Call - for 1st time callers, when new "Tag New Callers" is enabled)
Event Label: - [your tracking number, tracking number name or tracking source]
Event Action: [call status] (NORMAL_CLEARING = ANSWERED)
Event Value: [call duration in seconds] (when enabled)

The information above can be used to setup goals as per your business requirements. You are able to configure what events are sent and how they will appear through the following options:

Events to include: Choose between All Calls or Answered Only. You can also enable the option to send an event with category = First Call in case of new Callers.

Event Label: Select between Source, Friendly Name or Tracking Number

Event Value: Click on send if you wish to send the duration of the calls (in seconds) as a value in Google Analytics. You are also able to filter which events are being sent by setting a minimum call duration.

Include Google Ads Data: Enabling this feature allows you to view session based information of each call (keywords, campaigns, ad-groups, etc).

Updated on: 22/11/2021

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