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Tag your Calls using Automation Rules

How to automatically tag your calls

Integrating automation rules with call tags can streamline the lead classification process, saving you time that would otherwise be spent manually categorizing and managing your phone leads. Specifically, automation rules enable you to:

Automatically tag calls according to your business needs - Create as simple or as complicated rules as you want to classify your phone leads your way.
Assign multiple tags at each call at once without putting the effort - Automation rules leave out manual effort while saving you time, creating room for more detailed segmentation and enhanced lead classification processes.
Fine-tune your integrated apps with tag-filtered phone leads - Combine automation rules, tags, and integrations to take control of your lead data quality by sending only the phone calls that have a specific tag to your Google Ads, HubSpot, Google Analytics, or even Slack.

How to set up automation rules for your tags

If you already have set up the trigger that will initiate the automation rule, you can proceed to the next step and skip the first one.

Step 1. Go to Lead Management > Triggers. A trigger consists of rules and criteria. When these conditions are met, they initiate the automation process. or instance, if you wish to tag a call as "Quality," you need to define all the criteria that must be fulfilled for the call to be identified as such. So, in order to create an automation rule you need first to define the trigger.

To learn how to set up a trigger follow this guide.

Step 2. Go to Lead Management > Automation Rules, and click on the " + Add" button.

Step 3. Assign a friendly name, choose the trigger, and proceed to configure your actions. Here's an example: when a Quality Call occurs, Nimbata tags the call as "Lead."

🎉 That's it. Moving forward, all incoming calls that meet your specified criteria will be tagged according to your setup.

Updated on: 20/01/2024

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