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Setting up multiple conversions

Setting up multiple conversions in Google Ads, Facebook and Microsoft Ads

This guide shows you how to setup multiple conversions in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads or send multiple events in Facebook.
The process is the same for all three applications so as an example we will show how to do so in Facebook.

Under Facebook Settings select the Trigger, Business, Facebook Pixel ID and the desired Facebook Event Name

Click on "Add Conversion"

If you haven't already setup a different trigger click on "+ create trigger", otherwise choose the trigger for your new conversion.

After setting up the trigger return to this screen and choose the newly created trigger along with Business, Facebook Pixel ID and the name of the new conversion.

You can add as many conversions as you wish - just remember to accompany them with the respective trigger.

For integrations where you use multiple conversions, under the Manage screen you will see a link which will inform you that the integration is using multiple conversions

For Google Ads and Microsoft Ads it is important to create the conversions in the accounts first - see this guides:
Google Ads:
Microsoft Ads:

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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