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Integration Direct to Google Ads

Sometimes you want to directly integrate with Google Ads and not via a Google Analytics goal. To do so follow the steps described below:

Google Ads account

In Google Ads navigate to: Tools -> Conversions -> New Conversion -> Import -> Other Data Sources or CRMs -> Track Conversions from clicks and hit Continue.

Select a category that suits your phone conversion (e.g. Contact), give your conversion a Name, select if you wish to assign a value or not and choose Count = One and Attribution Model = Last Click (or whatever you choose).

Hit Create and Continue and head back to Nimbata. Under Integrations select "Google Ads".

Click on the Button labeled "Connect Google Ads"

A pop up window will appear were you can select the Google Account you wish to connect. Make sure that the account you connect is the one you previously setup the conversion action, as described above.

After completing the process, you will return back to Nimbata and see a confirmation message that your account has been successfully connected.

From the dropdown menu select the Ad Account and Conversion you created in the previous steps, enable the switch "Push Data to Adwords" and select which calls should be included.

That's it! Your Google Ads account will be populated once a day with call conversions from Nimbata!

Updated on: 22/11/2021

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