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How to set up keyword spotting

Word & Phrase Spotting: The Gateway to Insights & Automation

Keywords and phrases play a pivotal role in modern marketing and customer service. You can now enable word & phrase spotting in your phone conversations and automate a plethora of manual tasks.

How to Set Up Keyword Spotting

Step 1:.* Enable call recording and transcription. Go to Tracking > Call Flows and either create a new call flow or edit an existing one. Press the cross symbol at the beginning of the call flow and then select the “Record” add-on from the left-side menu. Don’t forget to tick the “Transcribe” conversation button.

Step 2. Finish setting up the call flow. Then go to Tracking > Numbers and assign it to at least one phone number.

Step 3. Go to Automations and click on the “Add button” on the top right corner.

Step 4. Choose the “Call Ends” option. You can also rename the Automation on the top left corner if you wish.

Then, click on the “Add new filter rule” button and choose the “Word & Phrase Spotting” option at the bottom of the left-side menu.

Step 5. Type in the words or phrases you want Nimbata to spot in a call. You can choose words and phrases spoken only by the caller, the receiver or both. When you are done, click the “OK” button.

Step 6. Click on the “Add new task” button below.

Here, you will choose what you want to happen when Nimbata spots your chosen words or phrases. There are a multitude of options on the left side menu. For this example, we chose the “Tags” and asked Nimbata to tag the calls with these keywords as a conversion. You can add multiple actions.

Step 7. When you are done, click “Publish” on the top right corner and you are done!

And you are done! Now you know how to put this great tool to your disposal!

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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