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How to Block Calls from Specific Countries

If for whatever reason you don’t want to receive calls from some countries, then you can easily block calls from these places. We will show you how to do it in this step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Go to Tracking > Call Flows > +Add

Step 2. Click on the + sign and then click on the Caller ID prefix from the right side menu.

Step 3. Click on the + sign beneath the option where you put the numbers you want to block and select the “Hang Up” routing option from the right side menu.

Step 4. Go to the other form, click on its own + sign and continue building your call flow from there.

Step 5. When you are done, assign your call flow to a tracking number and you are done! No more calls from these countries to bother you.

And you're done! No more calls from these places.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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