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How do I pass a value back to Google Ads?

Running Google Ads campaigns is all about maximizing return on investment (ROI). But how do you measure the true value of calls generated by your ads? This article explores three effective ways to send valuable data back to Google Ads, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

There are some critical benefits to sending value back to your Google Ads account from your call tracking software:

⚡Improved Campaign Optimization: By understanding the true value of calls from specific campaigns, you can pinpoint the most effective areas and allocate your budget more efficiently, maximizing your return.

⚡Better ROI Measurement: Traditional methods often miss phone call conversions. Sending call value provides a complete picture of your ROI, allowing you to see the true impact of your Google Ads investment.

⚡Smarter Bidding Strategies: Google Ads uses conversion value for features like target CPA. Sending call value lets you leverage these features more effectively, allowing Google Ads to optimize bids based on the potential value of each call.

Three Ways to Send Value to Google Ads

Go to Integrations > Google Ads and click in the “Include call value” checkbox. Make sure you have connected Nimbata with your Google Ads account first.

Now there are 3 ways to send value back to Google Ads. We will explain each one separately.


Go to Activity > Calls and find the calls that came from your Google Ads campaigns. Use the “Only Answered” filter to make it easier if you wish.

Open up the call you want. Here you can listen to the recording and manually assign a value by filling in the “Value” box.

Quality Calls Automation

Here we are going to create an Automation that will automatically assign value to calls based on specific criteria that we decide. This one requires some experience and intuition from running your business.

Go to Automations and click on the “+Add” button on the top right corner.

Give a name to your Automation if you want and set it to trigger at the end of the call.

Click on the “+Add new filter rule” and add the criteria you want to trigger the Automation. Here, you will choose when you want a call to be assigned a value and sent to Google Ads. For example, we chose 1st Time Callers and a call duration of more than 120 seconds. You have a multitude of options to choose from.

And now, you need to set the Automation to perform the task you want. In this case, tag the call, assign a value and send it to your Google Ads account.

Then, simply click on “Publish” and activate the automation.

Keyword Spotting

Similar to the Quality Calls Automation, in this one we are going to work with keyword spotting. Start by setting up an Automation just like the way we showed at the previous solution. When you reach the criteria, choose the Word & Phrase Spotting.

Now start typing keywords or phrases that you believe indicate a conversion or help indicate the value of a call. If you want, you can ask your team to say specific keywords when a deal is closed, something like “Thank you for trusting us” for example. In this menu, the caller is the one who calls your business and the destination is the one picking up the phone.

When done, click OK and finish setting up the Automation the way we showed you in the Quality Calls Automation section above.

That’s it! Those are the three ways of sending value back to Google Ads. The manual might be the most accurate one, but is also the most time consuming. The other two ways rely more on your experience and business acumen, but we believe they are also pretty safe to use.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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