Receive E-mail Notifications for your inbound calls. Setup can be configured so that you are only notified when a call is not answered or a specific condition has been reached.

Navigate to "_Setup - Add-Ons"._
Click on the "Email Notifications" box.

Click on the slider to enable "Email Notifications".

Enter the e-mail address for which you wish to receive notifications.

Select when and which calls should be sent.

Customize the message to be sent out.

Choose whether the logo will appear on the heading or not.

If you have call recording enabled, select if you wish to include a link to the recording

Choose the subject that will be displayed on the email you send. You can also use dynamically populated variables as such:

To display the Tracking Number that was called use - %tracking_number%
To display the Call Outcome use - %call_outcome%
To display the Caller Id use - %caller_id%

Press "Save" right and down on the screen.

Notifications for new calls will be sent each time a call is placed in one of your tracking numbers under your account.
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