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Webhook Integration

Integrate nimbata with your everyday tools seamlessly using Nimbata webhooks.

Nimbata integrates with your favourite everyday tools thanks to Webhooks. You can easily send call data to any Web Application, Service or Reporting System in real-time in only few steps.

Log into your nimbata account and navigate to Setup > Integrations > Webhook and click on "Webhook".

Integrate with your custom endpoint by entering the URL. Nimbata will send HTTP requests to this specific URL.

Select the authorization method (if authorization is required) and the required credentials.

It's time to choose the call data you wish to receive. The following list shows the most common call data our users prefer to include to their webhooks.

You can easily remove a value by clicking on the cross symbol or change the default title. If you wish to add a value, click on the "+" symbol and complete the required fields accordingly.

Test your integration. If your setup is correct, a successful message will appear. Click on "Save".

Scroll back to the first section and enable the toggle button.

Now, you are all set! New phone calls will trigger the communication between nimbata and your custom endpoint!

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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