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How to Set Up Custom Fields

Custom Properties (Definition, Types and Set up process)

Custom properties offer the flexibility to add additional fields to your call records, capturing specific information tailored to your needs. They come in various forms such as boolean, dropdown list, custom text, number fields, and even a date picker. These properties can be utilized for filtering, labeling, classification, or even as triggers to send call data to your integrated apps. Online your imagination can stop you when it comes to custom properties.

⚡️ Use out-of-the-box ideas to classify, organize, filter, and analyze your phone leads efficiently - Custom properties like checkboxes, free text, numbers, or even dates allow you to enhance your call data with additional information.

⚡️ Get a quick glance at your leads - Use specific custom properties for a quick scan of leads that meet certain criteria e.g. Check the quality of leads generated from a branded campaign versus those from a non-branded one.

⚡️ Send data from custom properties to your CRM - Integrate your CRM with Nimbata and send custom property data in your CRM in real-time.

Custom Fields Types

Custom Text Fields
A simple textbox to add comments, notes, or anything else you want.

Custom Number Fields
Used for cases where you want to input a value or a quantity.

List of Values
Used in cases where a phone lead should be assigned to a predefined value.

The name says it all. Create a date picker to input important dates!

Boolean fields
Perfect for YES/NO or TRUE/FALSE situations.

Set up Custom Properties

Step 1. Go to Data Management > Custom Fields, and click on the "+ Add" button.

Step 2. Name your new property and choose its type. As an example, we created a custom property using the list type to distinguish between our US and EU callers. Click on the "Create" button.

🎉 That was it!

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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