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Create New Tags

Set up Call Tags

Tags make it easier for you to understand and analyze the quality of your inbound leads. Tags can help you with:

⚡️ Turning your key insights into labels - Tags simplify your lead management process by highlighting the core of each conversation into a single label.
⚡️ Classifying, organizing, filtering, and analyzing your phone leads efficiently - Get a clear view of the quality of your phone leads, the purposes and context of each call, the emotions of your callers towards your business, and the actions that you should follow post-call to make them move down the funnel.
⚡️ Getting a quick glance at your leads based on their tag - Filter your customizable dashboard and reports by tag to get a quick overview of the source, campaigns, ad groups, and other call data like duration, destination numbers, etc. of phone calls that meet your criteria.
⚡️ Improving your missed calls handling process - We all miss calls, especially if they are placed out of business hours. Tagging these calls helps you minimize the chances of getting lost in the wild and prioritize your follow-up tasks.

How to set up call tags

Your Nimbata account comes with a predefined tag category (default) and a list of tags that you can use. If you want to change that, follow the process below.

Step 1. Go to Lead Management > Tags. Before adding your new tag, ensure that you place your new tag within the desired category. If you want to add new tags to a completely new category, simply create the category by clicking the "+" symbol and providing a name for your new category. Then click on "Save" at the right top of your screen to save your changes.

Step 2. Once you've selected the category where you want to add your new tag, click on the "+ Add new tag" button. Scroll to the bottom of your list and click on "New Tag Name" to assign a name to your tag and then click on the check symbol to confirm your action.

Step 3. Click on "Save" and you are all set!

If you want to add more tags, click the "+New Tag" button and repeat the process.

Edit the name of your tags

To modify the name of your tags, click on the tag's name, make the necessary changes, and confirm them by clicking on the blue check icon. Save your changes by clicking on the "Save" button at the top of your screen.

Copy tags from another brand

To copy tags from other brands, scroll to the bottom of your screen, click the "Copy From Brand" button, and choose the brand from the drop-down menu to copy tags, after doing so select the current brand or any other brand to apply your tag list. Then, click the "Save" button to confirm your changes.

Automate Tags with Call Surveys

If you haven't already noticed, there's a light blue message: "Call survey dial key: X".

This is particularly useful during call surveys. Essentially, it allows you to automate your call tagging process by pressing a number from 0-9 at the end of a call. For instance, in the scenario below, if you or your agent presses 1, Nimbata tags the call as "Conversion."

If you wish to rearrange the sequence of tags on your dial pad, hover your mouse over the icon with four lines and drag them up or down. Your modifications will be automatically updated.

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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