In order to set up Advanced Call Flows, you must first add at least one tracking number and one destination under your account.

To read how to set up your first Call Flow click here.

After, making sure that you have at least one tracking number and one destination under your account,

Advanced Call Flows give you the ability to configure more advanced setting. A usual case is to set a schedule for week days and a different one for weekends, so that calls will be routed different based on your schedule.

To setup an Advanced Call Flow:

Click on the icon

which is next to the tracking number's destination.

In the pop-up that will appear, you can set up an Advanced Call Flow for your selected tracking number.

Click on the drop-down menu to select the days during which the specific tracking number will forward calls to your designated destination.

Click on the "+" button to add time frames in your Call Flows.

Click on the
icon to remove specific frames (if necessary).

Click on the bars to set the time for your call flows to ring.

Select the Routing Type:

Regular (Single-Line): The tracking number rings directly to a single phone line.
Multi-Line: The tracking number rings to several agents' numbers until someone picks up.
Priority: The tracking number is routed to the destinations with a specific order.
Weighted: The tracking number rings based on preset weight assignments. If for example, call agent A should receive the 60% of inbound call volume and agent B the rest, you can configure arranging a specific percentage to each one of them. Weight assignments must total 100%.

Click on the add-ons you want to enable for this tracking number.

To assign a destination to the tracking number, drag the destinations in the Un-Assigned Column to the Assigned, and vice versa to unassign.

For Priority Routing, click on
icon to set a specific ringing duration for each destination.

Additionally, you have the option to apply a rule of 30 seconds to all your destinations, by clicking on the
button. This means if the phone call is not answered within 30'', it will be routed to the next destination in order, etc.

For Weighted Routing, click on
icon to set a specific weight percentage for each destination.

Exit the pop-up and press the "Save" button.

Well done! You are all set now!
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