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Manually Tag Calls

To manually tag calls

Ηead over to "Activity" and click on "Post-Call".

Then, click on the "+" symbol.

The following box will appear.

Choose the desirable tag and your changes will automatically update.

From the Tag Call, you can tag the calls using the default tags or those you have defined. To learn how to define your tags check the Setup Tagging.

Click the to add more details about your caller
Add the date of the call.
Add the name of the caller.
Add the value in USD (approximately) of the call.
By moving the cursor above the stars, you can rate each call.
Add notes for each call (up to 1000 characters).
In case you want to add the number to spam callers click on . Then, click "Yes" on the confirmation message.

Your changes will automatically update.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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