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DNI with Swap Groups

Dynamic Number Swapping with Swap Groups

If your website shows more than two phone numbers and you wish to track calls towards all of them, then while setting up your DNI script, you should setup swap groups.

Let's take as an example that your site includes two contact phone numbers, as we do.

To track calls towards both numbers, make sure to have tracking numbers for both and have your call flows route calls to each destination.

When ready head over to "Setup - Dynamic Number Insertion" and click on:

Copy and paste the first number - as is displayed on your website - on the first swap group and the second number on the second swap group.

On the right, from the dropdown list, select which tracking numbers should swap each number.

Hit Save & Published and you are good to go!

Repeat and add as many swap groups as the numbers displayed on your website.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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