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Add New Tracking Numbers

Getting Started with Tracking Numbers

Before proceeding, make sure the desired brand for which you wish to add new tracking numbers is selected from the drop-down menu.

To add a new tracking number you can either click on "Tracking Numbers" from he main menu or go to Setup > My Numbers > Tracking Numbers.

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Choose the Marketing Channel or the Source (e.g. Organic search or Social) for which you want to track calls from and click "Next".

By clicking on "Somewhere else" a list of options will appear.

For purposes of this step-by-step guide we chose to go with "All online sources"

Next, enter how many numbers you need. If you already know just enter the number, otherwise get advantage of our Google Analytics integration and let the algorithm decide for you (for more details read this article).

Time to select your tracking number prefix. From the dropdown menus select the country, the state, and the city of choice.

In case, you want your number to support SMS then click on "SMS Inbound & Outbound" checkbox.

Then, a message will appear and nimbata will inform you about tracking number's cost based on your plan.

As the last step, you should specify the number where calls will be forwarded to. Once done, click "Finish".

A confirmation message with your order will appear. Your number will appear in the list of tracking numbers under your brand.

If you already have tracking numbers under your brand and wish to add a new one, click on the "+" button, located at the bottom of the pane.

Repeat the process to add new tracking numbers for additional sources.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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